Use our space on your own, or meet with others! One of The Grove’s core values is to be a space and place helping people Gather. The options below are available to you, pending pre-determined rentals. Use the information below to get started!

Open Lobby

With wifi, ambient music, workspaces, and cozy corners, gather with others or work remotely! Kids Cove open in lobby space for children, assuming continued parental supervision.

Office hours: Monday - Friday, 9a-4p

Open Gym

Our 7,120 square foot gym is available to the community for sports and activities! Open gym is also offered at different times, for a variety of age groups. Click here to see open gym times and further information.

Walking Loop

Our facility offers options for outdoor and indoor walking! Walk outside along our beautiful property, or inside around our walking loop. Click here to see building hours and further information.


Enjoy quiet, tranquil space for meditation, prayer, or simply a moment alone. Our Chapel was designed to help you feel at peace physically and spiritually.

Office hours: Monday - Friday, 9a-4p

Looking to rent our indoor/outdoor spaces for a private event or group activity? Visit our Rentals Page for more information!