About Us

The Mission Behind The Grove

The Grove’s Mission: to provide spaces where people gather, connect, and thrive.

The Grove’s Values:


  • Inclusion: Welcoming people of all generations with diverse identities and perspectives, regardless of their religious or philosophical beliefs.
  • Respect: Creating safe, thoughtful, and engaging space for those gathered.
  • Adaptability: Maintaining a quality of space, programming, technology, and resources that are pertinent to our community, region, and time.


  • Relationships: Hosting shared experiences to deepen connections for both strangers and friends.
  • Collaboration: Encouraging new partnerships between local communities and organizations.
  • Compassion: Connecting local resources with those in need.
  • Intergenerationality: Recognizing the gifts that different generations bring and the importance of intergenerational relationships.


  • Growth: Equipping individuals, families, and communities for transformed and  healthier lives.
  • Expression: Sharing bold and creative ideas, stories, and perspectives.
  • Spiritual Exploration: Providing reflective and sacred spaces for contemplation and growth.
  • Celebration: Lifting up the assets, achievements, and milestones of our region.

Our Story

1. How We Got Here

The Grove is the culmination of a WI Heights Area congregation’s–New Heights Lutheran Church (NHLC)--vision to do more together. Over a 15 year journey, the original plan was to build a new facility on the corner of Hwy 14 and 78, set just between the villages of Mazomanie and Black Earth. In Spring 2022, an incredible opportunity arose in the local community: the sale of the Mazomanie Elementary School. NHLC closed on the 6.5 acre campus in October 2022, and began listening and discerning God’s vision for this new space.

The extensive building and outdoor assets not only provided opportunities for current dreams and needs, but allowed for expanding opportunities to serve the broader Wisconsin Heights Area. Partnerships, community brainstorming sessions, and planning began to actively pursue The Grove’s mission to be a space where people gather, connect, and thrive.

With the transition to the Mazomanie campus, the vision did not change, but expanded. To better serve the needs of the surrounding communities, “The Grove” would cater to a multiplicity of uses and events while remaining adaptable to growth for generations to come. A central remodel occurred in summer and fall 2023 to develop a new front entryway and a gathering-centric center, with a navigational system to the various resource wings provided on site. The gymnasium and cafeteria was preserved to continue serving for recreation and activities, the 1st floor of the classrooms wing became the community resources wing, and the second floor was reimagined to continue serving children and youth throughout the region.

Now… we’re here! We’re actively dreaming about the possibilities and opportunities to partner and serve the Wisconsin Heights Area through this historical, community-loved facility and campus. We cannot wait to see how this space grows and develops with the dedication and talents of not only the NHLC faith community, but all those who gather, connect, and thrive at The Grove.

2. Why “The Grove”?

With prayer, deep discussion, and dreaming, naming the campus “The Grove” was developed out of a need to meet the community wherever they may be. The name “New Heights Church” describes the founding faith community that gathers on site; “The Grove” describes the campus utilized by not only New Heights, but other organizations, community members, and events drawing people together. (The easiest comparison is a strip mall!)

The NHLC Vision Team spent time dreaming about the various ways the site would help connect people with their spirits, each other, communities, and resources. The goal was also to identify an inclusive name that encompassed not only the building, but the larger campus–acres of fields, play spaces, and the Black Earth Creek.

As over 50 names and taglines were evaluated, the NHLC Vision Team was repeatedly drawn to tree-related language. Trees are not only the most-mentioned living thing in the Bible (other than God, and people), but also speak to restoration, healing, renewal, and authenticity—a deeper place of intentionality and a depth of connection.

“The Grove” offered the opportunity to utilize neutral, gathering-inspired language; naturally identify the full campus; and inspire a place of welcome and refuge.

In late 2021, it was decided – Welcome to: The Grove

Behind The Scenes

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