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Growing God's Light in Our Community
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2022 Remodel Brochure

The Grove: regional community center

providing spaces where people gather, connect, and thrive.

The Future Facility will be…

A safe place where people come to be loved, to grow in their faith and be transformed

A central gathering place for the wider community where lives can be touched and blessed

A welcome place that allows God’s mission and ministry to flourish.

A sacred place home to a healthy and vibrant faith community 

where are we at?

Mazomaine Floor Plan

  • The Grove is the culmination of a WI Heights Area congregation’s vision to do more together. Over 15 years, New Heights Lutheran Church has dreamed about the opportunities that could come with a larger space to serve–not only those a part of the church, but the entire WI Heights region.

  • The Grove is a community center and venue where people will gather, connect, and thrive.

    With a home in the previous Mazomanie Elementary School, New Heights is excited to see what this 61,700 SF building will become and grow into. We are passionate about creating a resource center and local hub where people of all ages, backgrounds, and religious affiliations can work together to serve the communities in which they live. We hope this facility will not only serve the New Heights faith community, but additional organizations, programs, and endeavors that need a place and space to call home.

  • After brainstorming sessions in Spring 2022, we began the process of developing ways to implement potential program additions to the existing New Heights ministries. With the development of our remodel plan, we are excited to provide spaces for: 

    ~ Indoor & Outdoor Recreation
    ~ Meals & Gatherings
    ~ Classes & Trainings
    ~ Organizational Meetings
    ~ Community Events
    ~ Children & Youth
    ~ Meditation & Mindfulness
    ~ Remote Working
    ~ Fiber Art Collaborations
    ~ Heights Unlimited Resource Center
       Clothing Closet & Food Pantry
    Joining Forces for Families (JFF)

    Potential Programs for Further Research:
    ~ Crisis-Resource Offices
    ~ Senior Housing
    ~ After School / Summer Child Care
    ~ Campus Environmental Restoration

    We look forward to the grand opening, Spring 2024!

    "And Jesus said to him, 'If you can? All things are possible to him who believes.'" | Mark 9:23 |

Guiding Principles for our Building Project

Keeping us aligned with God’s Mission and Vision

The above images are photos from the Demolition Days, June 2023! We anticipate neutral, welcoming, flexible spaces for all to feel welcome at The Grove.

Ownership: This is not our building but God’s building.   It will be designed to serve the communities in which we live along with the needs of New Heights.
Community Resource: Our new space will be available for community gatherings, events and functions! It will be a community space where we worship. 

Flexibility: All spaces will be designed for flexibility with multiple potential uses in mind.
Sacred Space: As a church, our campus will facilitate sacred uses while also valuing a hospitality of "Welcome," creating space for new faces and uses every day of the week.
Adaptability: The design needed today may not be relevant in 10 years. The building design will be adaptable for future needs, additions, and community growth.

Sustainability: We will pursue income streams that help support the ministries and mission of the church.

Ministry Focus: During the building process, our primary focus will continue to be the ministry and mission of New Heights.

Our story

In 2009 two churches, St Johns and Our Saviours, merged to form New Heights Lutheran Church. Our focus was on renewal and revitalization. To become a healthy, vital and sustainable church that would be here for generations to come!

While our predecessor churches faithfully served Black Earth and Mazomanie for over 100 years, New Heights Church was born in 2009 out of a vision to do more together. From the beginning, this Faith community has been about CONNECTING People with each other and with God. In 2010 we purchased the 10 acres of our future building site, dreaming of the opportunities we’d have to bring people together and serve our communities with a unified voice of love and welcome for all.

In 2014, New Heights began the process of designing what they hoped would become our future home. Bringing on our architects (Building God’s Way) and contractors (NCI Roberts), we also began fundraising through the SHINE Campaign, and hosting events at the future building site on Hwy 14 & 78.

We are a mission minded people, always asking, “Who’s not here yet?”. We continue to welcome and invite people - to Sunday worship, to Family Faith Night, to fellowship and community. But in many ways, our building inhibited that welcoming presence.

In 2021, we finished the 100% construction drawings and were hypothetically ready to go out to bid. The year included not only lots of planning, but also starting an additional SHINE Appeal, and the discovery of “The Grove”--what we hoped to call this future community center and venue. However, after a 100-year flood in 2018, COVID in 2019, and an almost 40% inflation increase in 2020 and 2021, the feasibility of the development of this future campus seemed to be getting farther away. While we trimmed away at what the building could host and facilitate, costs continued to increase.

As the Vision Team and staff prepared to share the news with the congregation, an incredible opportunity arose in the local community: the sale of the Mazomanie Elementary School. After tours and late-into-the-evening conversations, the New Heights leadership felt called to switch directions on the location of our future community space and 2 weeks later, the congregation voted to purchase the property with 98% approval.

There’s a lot of reasons we needed a new building. Most importantly, a new building can be a tool for ministry and would allow us to be more effective in fulfilling God’s mission to truly invite and welcome all.  

Now… we’re here! We’re actively dreaming about all the possibilities and opportunities to serve the WI Heights Area through this historical, community-loved facility and campus. We can’t wait to see how this space grows and develops with the dedication and commitment of not only our faith community, but all those who Gather, Connect, and Thrive at The Grove.

When New Heights took on this project, we knew that this was much bigger than any one of us. While we are still in the planning stages, there are many ways to get involved: 

Share your connections:
Community Members are welcome to reach out with any resources, programs, or connections they may have to offer.

Share your ideas:
We are excited for everybody to share in the brainstorming process–we can’t know what we don’t know

Share your time:  
We will be looking for program leaders and team members to help these ideas go from discussion to reality.

Share your resources:

While New Heights has a great start to their fundraising efforts, we welcome anybody who would like to contribute to this new community resource. Gifts can be one-time or recurring and will help to update existing facility operational systems, fund renovation projects, kickstart program budgets.