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Our Future

Growing God's Light in Our Community
2021 Shine Brochure

Our Mission is central to who we are: Love God, Love Neighbor and Grow Disciples.

This Mission compels us forward, seeking opportunities to bless our community and be a constant presence of welcome and love.

We currently find ourselves stretched for space and in need of a facility that will better allow us to fulfill our mission. Read on to learn more about our future facility and our Vision for the future

The New Heights Future Facility will be…

A safe place where people come to be loved, to grow in their faith and be transformed

A central gathering place for the wider community where lives can be touched and blessed

A welcome place that allows God’s mission and ministry to flourish.

A sacred place home to a healthy and vibrant faith community 

2021 is an exciting year!

  • We are so excited to jump into our 2021 Shine Appeal! After our 2017 three-year appeal, New Heights has made great progress towards this future building site. Now, after beginning the official design process, we are gaining more details and clarity to this vision than ever before.

    With this appeal, we're excited to share:

  • - An updated vision and mission for our call to serve this community!

    Design plans (building layout and site plan) to build in entirety versus sections or stages.

    - A comprehensive timeline of next steps and phases to completion!

  • In optimism: we build this Spring; in trusting in God: we build when we have the means and support to do so. While we will need great miracles to make this happen, we are standing open-handed, ready to see how the Spirit moves in our 2021 Appeal!

    "And Jesus said to him, 'If you can? All things are possible to him who believes.'" | Mark 9:23 |

Guiding Principles for our Building Project

Keeping us aligned with God’s Mission and Vision

Ownership: This is not our building but God’s building.   It will be designed to serve the communities in which we live along with the needs of New Heights.
Community Resource: Our new space will be a community space where we worship.  It will be available for community gatherings, events and functions!

Flexibility: All spaces will be designed for flexibility with multiple potential uses in mind.
Sacred Space: As a church, our campus will facilitate sacred uses while also valuing a hospitality of "Welcome," creating space for new faces and uses every day of the week.
Adaptability: The design needed today may not be relevant in 10 years. The building design will be adaptable for future needs, additions, and community growth.

How did we get here?

In 2009 two churches, St Johns and Our Saviours, merged to form New Heights Lutheran Church. Our focus was on renewal and revitalization. To become a healthy, vital and sustainable church that would be here for generations to come!

The following year we made the decision to continue to move forward. We purchased 10 acres of land for a new building.  Our new building site is located on the northeast corner of Highways 14 and 78 just outside Mazomanie (near Rookies Food and Spirits).

We continue to experience the increasing need for a new building and a new site.   

Every Wednesday night for Family Faith Night, about 300 people come together for food, fellowship, and faith formation. Every inch of our space is overflowing!  We’ve converted closets and hallways into children classrooms. The adult bible study small groups meet across the street at the funeral home. We are out of space and we're hidden in the back of a singular community when we serve members of the full Wisconsin Heights area!

We are a mission minded people, always asking, “Who’s not here yet?”. We continue to welcome and invite people - to Sunday worship, to Family Faith Night, to fellowship and community. But in many ways, our current building inhibits that welcoming presence. Even the full parking lot gives a perception that there is not enough room.   

There’s a lot of reasons we need a new building. Most importantly, a new building would be a tool for ministry and would allow us to be more effective in fulfilling God’s mission to truly invite and welcome all.  

So now we are taking that next step forward staying faithful to that promise we made years ago. To create a building that will be a tool for ministry and mission.  


Drop it off at the church or email it to our church office:
| office@newheightslc.org |