Living in Faith Together 

“Transitioning into adulthood is a daunting, new adventure for all young people; often, this is a time full of faith formation, new spiritual independence, and habit building. At New Heights, we want to help our young adults establish intentional community, ask difficult questions, deepen and apply their faith, and grow in discovering what it means to live an everyday Christian life. With a versatility of experience within the 18+ community, there are endless opportunities to learn about the developing aspects of life, while facing decisions, hardship, and celebrations in Christ.”

Being a part of our Young Adult Ministry provides unique opportunities to join the Adult community, while connecting intentionally with those in your same phase of life. See our Adult Ministry Page for additional opportunities!

Many of the opportunities to grow are listed below

New Heights Young Adults (NHYA) is a new ministry, tailored to intentional connection and relationship for our 18+ community!

Is it a Bible Study?  |  Yes and no. As Young Adults, this group will focus on what it means to live everyday life as a Christian. While we will draw on biblical themes and guidance, the intention of this group is to ask and explore questions and topics that directly relate to new adult lives. See below for upcoming locations and themes.

What’s my commitment?  |  Come one week, come every other week, come every month, whenever works for you--and bring friends! We all need flexibility. Each topic of discussion will last a full month, with alternating weeks of “theme exploration and discussion” and “fellowship and active community.”

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Current on-going groups always welcoming new-comers:

NHYA Meeting Details:
Tuesday 7-8:30pm (locations vary)

Week 1: Theme Exploration & Discussion (New Heights Fellowship Hall)
Week 2: Fellowship & Active Community (The Weiland’s)
Week 3: Theme Exploration & Discussion (New Heights Fellowship Hall)
Week 4: Fellowship & Active Community (The Fehlen’s)

Upcoming Themes

October 2021: Time (How do you spend your time?)

This month, we’ll explore the reality of how we’d like to, should, and do spend our time as followers of Christ.

November 2021: Relationships (How are you in relationship with those around you?)

This month, we’ll explore all types of relationships--how they affect us and we affect them.

December 2021: Money (How do you steward your resources?)

This month, we’ll explore the ins and outs of stewarding our financial resources for Christ, safety, and security.