Youth Ministry Planning Team

The Youth Ministry Planning Team helps to plan and implement a comprehensive approach to youth ministry.  This approach encourages youth in developing their relationship with God and the church community, challenges them to respond to God’s call to serve in their communities and the world, and provides opportunities for youth to grow in their faith and articulate what they believe.


The Prayer Team upholds the congregation, its ministries and the community in prayer.  They strive to educate, empower and inspire the congregation in their prayer lives.  They encourage and provide opportunities for all ages to continually spend time in prayer; whether asking for prayer, praying for and with others or building a personal relationship with God.


Serve and Care Planning Team   

The Serve and Care Planning Team plans, coordinates, and supports the serve and care ministries so that mission partners have opportunities to use their gifts in mission and ministry.  Those opportunities address the social, economic, emotional, and spiritual needs of our church family and neighbors in our community, our region, our country, and our world.


The Generosity Team is accountable for articulating what Faithful Living and Giving is, and for making it come alive as part of our daily living.  This includes lifting up and acknowledging the ways in which our mission and ministry has expressed our love of God and neighbor at New Heights, in our local community, and around the world; and to generate a new sense of generous giving that supports the mission of the church.



Personnel Team

The Personnel Team has accountability for defining and facilitating the personnel systems, processes and policies that assist the church in calling and retaining ministry staff and other personnel necessary to fulfill our mission  This includes the systems, process and policies that govern the recruitment, appointment, compensation, recognition, and termination of employees (staff) of New Heights Lutheran Church.  


Property and Facilities Team

The Property and Facilities Team is accountable to oversee the care, maintenance and updates to the properties owned by New Heights Lutheran Church.   They ensure the facilities and properties are well maintained, welcoming to our mission partners and guests, and ensure investments in the facilities are appropriately based on future plans to build a new facility and sell the existing facility.

Finance Team

The Finance Team operates on behalf of New Heights Lutheran Church providing effective and accountable financial management of New Heights’ financial matters.  They are responsible for carrying out the church’s mission and vision related to finance, encouraging a mission-driven church where finances are not a constraint, where we partner with other teams and staff to achieve our vision, and where good stewardship guides the use of the congregation’s resources.

Technology Team

The Technology Team develops, implements and maintains a plan,near and long term,to address the technology needs of the congregation in support of our mission to Love God, Love Neighbor, and Grow Disciples.