New Heights Lutheran Church relies on donations to carry out its ministry
and deeply appreciates your generosity.

We offer several ways to donate to New Heights:

Electronic (Online) Giving

Electronic giving is the term used to describe an easy, safe, and automatic
online method for making contributions on a one-time or a regular basis
without the need to write checks, carry cash or prepare envelopes.

For instance, you could use electronic giving for your regular church
donations. You determine when and how much you want to donate; 
either choice can be changed at any time. You can make a one-time gift
for a specific cause (e.g. general fund, building fund, Gift of Love, etc.), or
you can pay for church-related ministries, such as vacation bible school, 
retreats, and bible study materials.

With electronic giving, you have the option of paying through your
checking account, savings account, or credit/debit card. Visit the
"Frequently Asked Questions" page (see link on right) for more information.

To set up your electronic giving program,
click on the "Give Now" button.

Automatic Bank Withdrawal

Similar to the electronic giving method, automatic bank withdrawal can be
set up from your bank account (either checking or savings) to make your
donation on a regular basis. You can specify how you want your donations
to be designated (e.g. general funds, Gift of Love, building fund, etc.).

To begin your automatic bank withdrawals, fill out the authorization form
(see link on right) and return it to the church office (address below) with
a voided check or savings deposit slip.

Check or Cash

Donations may be made at weekly services or by making a check payable
to New Heights Lutheran Church and mailing it to:

New Heights Lutheran Church
1705 Center Street
Black Earth, WI 53515

Electronic Giving
is a program designed to
help you conveniently
contribute to a Lutheran
congregation or
institution or to pay
tuition at a Lutheran
school. Through

Electronic Giving, your
gifts or tuition payments
are made through a
withdrawal from your
bank account or credit
card. You determine the
frequency of amounts
withdrawn from your
account, at no cost to
you or the recipient.